Company History

  • 1948 March

    Hisatsugu Morikane establishes Kanahashi Pharmacy

  • 1950 May

    Developed 'Mitsuboshi DIA Ointment', an ethical drug to treat dermatophytosis (ringworm).

  • 1955 March

    Medical Manufacturing Division named "DIA Pharmaceutical"

  • 1959 April

    Developed "Hiryu" a motion sickness drug

  • 1962 July

    DIA Pharmaceutical's first factory established

  • 1963 February

    Establisment of DIA Pharmaceutical's laboratory

  • 1973 September

    Developed "Mitsuboshi" DIA Enema Agent

  • 1973 January

    Developed "Mitsuboshi DIA Ointment' (improved formulation)

  • 1975 August

    Established DIA Pharmaceutical with Shinji Morikane as CEO

  • 1978 June

    DIA Pharmaceutical GMP Factory was newly established in Tobojo-cho, Kashihara

  • 1980 March

    Changed corporate name from DIA Pharmaceutical to DIA Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.

  • 1983 January

    Established a new R&D facility within Nara factory site

  • 1983 May

    Developed the SOL in GEL water-soluble transdermal absorption patch

  • 1983 May

    Launched "New Sanyu Cool' the worlds first flexible/skin fit patch

  • 1986 August

    Established affiliated company "Shirokane Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd."

  • 1986 August

    Developed a new flexible patch with expandable polyurethane foam as support material

  • 1987 April

    Launched 'Nippo DIA Natural' a herbal medicine patch, which initiated a trend

  • 1989 March

    Launched a new patch manufacturing facility in the Nara Factory

  • 1993 September

    Developed "lce Touch" and "Water Sheet" to substitute the ice pack

  • 1997 March

    Developed "Nose Pore Strip" to remove sebum plugs

  • 1997 April

    Entered the global market through a U.K. distributor

  • 1998 October

    Joint development with a major French cosmetics manufacturer

  • 1999 January

    Launched a cosmetic gel sheet in Spain

  • 1999 April

    Manufacturing section relocated to Hyogo factory

  • 2001 March

    Tokyo Liaison Office opened

  • 2002 March

    Opened Nara Factory in Takatori-cho, Taka-shi, Nara

  • 2002 September

    Completion of DIA Pharmaceutical Co. Ltd,. headquarters building in Jobonji-cho, Kashihara city

  • 2005 May

    Launched a throat spray

  • 2006 October

    Shinji Morikane and Daizou Morikane were installed respectively as CEO and COO

  • 2008 June

    Constructed a new production line for lotion type face masks

  • 2009 July

    Selected as a member of the Regional innovative R&D Creation Projects

  • 2010 January

    Constructed a new production line for liquid based anti-inflammatory agents

  • 2011 May

    Established the Jiangsu Medical and Pharmaceutical Technology Company, a joint venture in Taizhou City China, with Standard Chem & Pharm, a Taiwanese pharmaceutical company to manufacture patches

  • 2011 December

    Designated as a one-of-kind company originated in Nara

  • 2012 August

    Acquired ISO 13485 certification

  • 2013 June

    Completion of Jiangsu Medical and Pharmaceutical Technology Company

  • 2016 September

    Shinji Morikane resigned his post as CEO

  • 2017 April

    Affliated with Kanahashi Holdings Co.,Ltd.

  • 2017 April

    Zenkoku Yakuhin Kogyo Co.,Ltd become affiliated.

  • 2017 May

    R&D Division moved to Kanabashi Building

  • 2017 December

    Selected as The Leading Company for the regional future