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Cutting-edge facilities and a GMP high standard quality control system that produces world class results.

The world-leading SOL in GEL technology introduced by DIA Pharmaceutical successfully harmonizes the balance between the gel, which has excellent heat resistance and form retention properties, and the solvent which has excellent chemical release properties. It is a water-soluble polymer technology completely different from conventional skin adhesives.
This SOL in GEL technology is a striking technical advance in Drug Delivery SyStems (DDS). Furthermore, when combined with support materials, such as urethane foam, or so-called second skin, the technology will have more uses/potential uses and will surely create a large market of cosmetic/make up products and health care adhesives, as well as medical/pharmaceutical adhesives.

Transdermal absorption skin adhesives that demonstrate the technological development of DIA Pharmaceutical.

Based on the concept of DDS (Drug Delivery System), DIA Pharmaceutical made a significant contribution to the development of TTS (Transdermal Therapeutic System) for skin adhesives, by globally introducing a long-lasting transdermal absorption skin adhesive. DIA Pharmaceutical continues to deliver unique products that go beyond existing conventional medical products.

Effective anti-inflammatory skin adhesives for bruises, sprains, joint pain, etc.
Multi-functional skin adhesives using SOLinGEL that is very delicate on the skin.

New market created by launch of Skin Adhesive Cosmetics.

DIA Pharmaceutical introduced a new type of cosmetic agent that adheres to the skin, which perfectly complements conventional cosmetics (cleanser, toner, moisturizer, etc). In 1981, Diamond Pharmaceutical introduced a new concept product called Skin Adhesive Cosmetics. Today, it has grown not only in Japan but also into new worldwide market.

A new method of moisturizing the eye-zone and revival of firm and tight skin.
Directly moisturizes the skin with a face mask developed from our ODP (Occlusive Dressing Technique) concept
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Nose strip product that uses a water-soluble polymer developed by our original technology. Clears the pores and removes blackheads.

Our product "Cooling Gel Sheets" are now used regularly around the world.

Our "Cooling Gel Sheets" gained popularity and grew in reputation as a hugely successful product, all within the in the short 5 years following it's launch. It has now become a regularly used health care product throughout the world. Originating as a bold concept/idea to transform old-fashioned “ice bags” into a simple sheet shape, it can be quickly applied to areas of sudden heat generation (fever, etc). With immediate results, it applies a strong cooling effect throughout the body. There are three types available, for babies, for children and for adults. They have since become a necessity of family life.

"Cooling Gel Sheets" have since become a household product. Fully utilizing the strengths of patches and skin adhesives.