OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer)


We meet with customers to understand their needs and consider product concepts.

Planning proposal

We propose a product plan according to the product's concept.

Research and Development

We examine and propose an optimal prescription and make a prototype.

Prototype submission / evaluation

Evaluate whether the prototype fits the product concept, and also evaluate usability and skin irritation. We improve the prototype until our customers are satisfied with it.

Proposal of specifications / materials / design

We select appropriate materials by closely considering quantity and costs. We then propose specifications and designs that match the image requested by the customer.


Once the specifications and prescription are determined, we will submit an estimate.

Product testing / application

We conduct stability tests on the determined formulas and packaging materials to confirm that the products ashere to safety and quality standards. We also take charge of pharmaceutical application/notifcation.

Manufacturing / Delivery

Products are manufactured under strict hygiene and production quality control systems. Complete products are then tested, shipped and delivered to the customeras upon the agreed date.

Follow up

We are always ready to comply with any follow-up requests, such as accepting additional orders, improving/renewing the prescription and proposing a new product.