Since our founding, with the aim of pleasing people, we have pursued manufacturing based on the philosophy of “creating the non-existant”.
Currently, we are not limited to the success of domesticly successful products, but have also entered the global market, including the United Kingdom, France, and Spain. Additionally, we are now expanding into the United States.
Leveraging the know-how and technology that we have cultivated since our founding, we intend to further expand our business globally, and to that end, we are advancing the construction plan of our Shin-Nara Plant.
The world is our scope, but at the same time, we want to be a company that continues to contribute to the development of the region so that people can say that "Nara has DIA Pharmaceuticals."
We continue to strive to create something new. Together let's create what the world desires with bold ideas and implementation.

Business description

Production and sale of medical drugs, quasi-drugs, cosmetics, medical devices and tools
Production and sale of sanitary materials
Production and sale of health food, daily necessities and physical exercise tools
Production and sale of medical drugs and feed for animals

Quality control and quality assurance

Quality control, quality assurance work (raw material test, product test), etc.

Research and Development
Management pharmacist
Overseas clerical work / sales : Sales staff (experienced person)
Planning and development
Intellectual property management
Manufacturing and machine operators
Equipment maintenance (Mechanical equipment)
Finance / Accounting

Interview with young employees

  • Name: Yasaka Kohki
  • Age: 26
  • Joined: 2016
  • Role: Sales Planning Division, Sales Planning Division
1. What kind of work do you do? (Regarding job content, job satisfaction, and social contribution)

I'm mainly in charge of contact with customers. We listen to customer requests, such as new products or improvements to existing products, direct them to various departments in the company, and manage schedules. In addition, we actively visit new companies that have not yet made any transactions and make product proposals. For better or worse, hearing the customer's voice at the closest distance is rewarding.

2. What made you decide to join the company?

I was impressed that the cooling sheet was developed for the first time in the world. I was also attracted to the global development of these patches and other patches.

3. What is your company culture and the appeal of human relationships?

You can experience various things at an early stage. In a word, I think it's a corporate culture of "feeling before thinking." In addition, I think that being able to consult and ask freely between departments, regardless of the hierarchy, is one of the great attractions.