Hyogo Factory

Production began at the state-of-the-art Hyogo Factory in the spring of 1999, over half a century after DIA Pharmaceutical was founded. The Hyogo Factory sits on a 21,000 m2 site in the suburbs of Kaibara, a historic castle town surrounded by scenic rice paddies. All of the facilities meet GMP standards and were designed for global environmental preservation. Products worthy to be called "world-class" owe much to the synergy between the state-of-the-art technology and the know-how of quality control that DIA Pharmaceutical has accumulated for years.

Nara Factory

Since its start in March 2002, Nara Factory has been manufacturing cosmetics and Cooling Gel Sheets such as nose pore strips. In the future, we plan to expand the scale to and build a new factory that "coexists with nature" in order to manufacture a broader range of products and increase production capacity. We will continue to provide high quality products to people around the world and contribute to “health and beauty” needs.

Quality Management

In order to meet customer expectations and trust, all processes from the development stage to production and shipping are managed under a thorough quality control system.

GMP Compliance

According to the latest GMP standards, production processes and product quality are strictly and equally controlled for all OTC drugs, including anti-inflammatory agents, topical liquids, creams and ointments, cosmetics and sundry goods. The air conditioning system blocks direct entry of outside air; instead, it removes small dust particles using special filters and maintains a Class 100,000 environment inside the factory*.
*Hyogo Factory


Cooling Gel Sheet
YKA 4004825
Design • Development - Manufacturing

In August 2012, our Cooling Gel Sheet was certified as ISO13485, which is the international standard for the quality assurance of medical devices. We continue to pursue the strictest quality control.